Epoxy Metal Repair

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INDUSTRIAL METAL (STEELOID) has been the “original” workhorse for metal repairs since 1983. This  two part, steel rich repair epoxy is solvent free and chemically inert compound ideal for repairing, filling or building up all metallic surfaces. It can be drilled, tapped or filed. Seal cracked castings, pipes, tanks, vessels and valves. Extreme adhesion & Hard as steel. Excellent for scored/worn shafts, hydraulic rams, worn keyways, bearing housing repairs and critical shimming applications. Make metal dies, resurface worn air seals and fill cavitated areas. Excellent for holding fixtures, blow holes in castings and all industrial metal repairs. Easy premeasured kits for mixing. Kits contains gloves, mixers, etc. Kit also includes Fiberzite mat used in conjunction with Industrial metal for achieving superior tensile and flexural strengths. Machinable, can be drilled and tapped. Industrial Metal can also be painted. Compressive strength to 12000 psi. Excellent chemical resistant. Can be applied vertical and overhead.

SUPERGRADE METAL  is a two part, ferro silicone & tungsten carbide epoxy repair system with longer working (Long pot life) in hot environments. With a compressive strength exceeding 15000 psi, it can be used to repair scored hydraulic rams shafts, refit keyways, reseat bearing housings, rebuild armature castings, repairs threaded parts, restore tube sheets, repair engine blocks, impellers, valves and pump repair. Heat resistant to 350F making it a high temperature epoxy repair system for metals.  Prepackaged in easy to use kits containing all necessary components (gloves, mixers, Fiberzite Mat used in conjunction with Supreme Metal for achieving superior tensile and flexural strengths)Anti-sag properties thus can be used on vertical or overhead applications. Can be machined after cure times.

TANK REPAIR EPOXY is excellent for welds, joints, corners, pipe extrusions, cracks, holes and repairing of interior and exterior of various tanks due to damage. This two part metal & specialty resin enriched polymers are designed to be used to refurbish/repair leaking metal tanks or even medium to large piping projects. Excellent for thin and corroded walls of tanks and holding vessels. With bond to stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum and concrete. Can be applied in a single coat of 3/8″. Will not sag vertically or overhead. One kit includes gloves, mixers, Fiberzite Mat used in conjunction with Tank Repair Epoxy for achieving additional superior tensile and flexural strengths. Premeasured and ready to mix and use. Excellent chemical resistance to acids, caustics and solvents. Heat Resistant to 365F.

FASTLOX METAL is a two component epoxy composite made with extra fast setting specialty hardeners in combination with specialty resins to start setting within 4-5 mins.  This industrial grade epoxy has been fortified with a proprietary blend of metal alloys and high strength fillers.  Fastlox Metal is to be used when a fast set emergency grade repair system is needed as a metal rebuilding, patching, bonding and sealing applications.    This solvent free, non-rusting, non shrink, fully machinable  formulation  is a sag-free formula and thus can be applied vertically and overhead to 3/8″ inch thicknesses.    Exhibits tenacious bond to all metals, concrete, various plastics and is resistant to most MRO chemicals. Sectors: Industrial & Marine.

CERALOY 439 (PASTE GRADE) is a specialty product made with premium resins with the addition of cerama-alloys in a paste grade. This product is used to fill and seal various fluid flow control equipment that encounter metal damage due to errosion, oxidation and cavitation.    Wear resistant and will withstand temperatures up to 375F. Can be applied to vertical and overhead surfaces at up to 1/2″. Available in easy to use kits which includes epoxy, mixers, gloves etc.

CERALOY 403 (BRUSHABLE) is a two component, specialty blend of mirco-ceramic alloy filled high build epoxy coating. It’s smooth, high gloss, low friction consistency epoxy repair system, used as a coating to protect against turbulence, abrasion and cavitation. State of the Art formulation, Ceramic Brushable gives excellent corrosion and wear to protect pump housings, fan housings, chutes, elbows and pumps. Available in easy to use complete kits with everything needed to use this product. Available in easy to use kits which includes epoxy, mixers, gloves etc.

ENGINE BLOCK REPAIR EPOXY – Originally designed for the U.S Military for emergency situations where a super strong paste grade epoxy for cracked engine block repair was need. Avoid costly engine block replacement. Excellent for cracks, holes, leaks on all types of engine blocks. This product may also be used to repair cracked gear box. Heat & Oil resistant. May be applied vertically or overhead. The kit includes everything needed for a successful repair. (1 Kit has Epoxy, Fiberzite Mat, Mixers, Gloves)

INDUSTRIAL METAL (Super Fast Set) a fast version of Industrial Metal with a 5 Min set time for all emergency metal repairs. Functional cure in 45 minutes. Recommended for emergency repairs to castings, pump and valve bodies, bearing journals, excellent pipe & tank leak sealing product and making fixture/jigs. This product can be drilled and tapped, sanded and painted. Excellent for low temperature applications. This non sag formulation is available in kits premeasured and ready to use. Supplied with Fiberzite matting for optional increase in strength of the product. Industrial Metal (Super Fast Set) has been replaced with a better formulation. Please see Fastlox Metal

LIQUID METAL a pourable version of Industrial Metal, this steel filled, self leveling epoxy is recommended for casting into hard to reach areas, anchoring and leveling, and forming molds and fixtures. Excellent for leveling wear plates, engines, machinery, pumps etc. This product can be successfully used for filling blow holes in castings where paste epoxy may not work. Pourable and self leveling steel in a can! Flows into voids and crevices. Fully machinable. When fully cured, this product achieves in access of 12,000 psi in compressive strength. Each kit comes with premeasured epoxy units, gloves and mixers. For larger applications on pump base plates and pedestals, please see POUR-A-PLATE product sold by EMP Inc.

SEALRITE W.B.C. a two component epoxy putty for use on wet and underwater surfaces. Originally invented for divers to perform repairs underwater on pilings, this product has the ability to cure underwater or can be used on wet surfaces to bond, seal and fill. Forms a permanent bond to all metals and concrete. Sealrite WBC can successfully repair pipes, tanks, valves.

LEAKLOX composite is a two component metal filled epoxy made with surface tolerant additives and adhesion promoters. It’s primarily  used to seal low pressure leaks  prior to application of permanent EMP Inc’s epoxy metal repair systems.  It may be used on dry, wet & underwater applications.  This 3rd generation epoxy is made in an outer (resin) and inner core (hardener) molded stick form allowing ease of mixing. With its ability to displace water and directly bond to substrate, this strong, solvent free, non-rusting, non shrink, fully machinable  formula  is a no-sag formula and can be applied vertically and overhead to 1/2″ inch thicknesses for sealing, rebuilding, patching, sealing and bonding applications for metal & concrete substrates.    Exhibits tenacious bond and resistance to most MRO chemicals.  Sectors in use: Industrial and Marine applications.

HELLZITE METAL EPOXY is a high temperature epoxy polymer with a specialty matrix and immense cross linking formulation based on EMP Hells Putty 500. Originally named in the lab for its high heat resistance to 310F(165C)  under immersion and 400F(204C) dry heat.   Excellent for metal rebuilding for corrosion, cavitation and erosion. This two  component composite is made with heat resistant base & activator combined with specialty metal filled alloys. This strong, solvent free, non-rusting, non shrink, fully machinable  formulation  is a no-sag formula and can be applied vertically and overhead to 1/2″ inch thicknesses.    HELLZITE may be coated over with a variety of high temp & corrosion resistant protective coatings from E.M.P Inc. Exhibits tenacious bond to all metals and resistance to most MRO chemicals. Sectors in use: Industrial and marine applications.

ALLZITE METAL is a two component hybrid epoxy polymer is made with modified curing agents, selected blends of various metal alloys/non metallic fillers with adhesion fortifiers to bond tenaciously to oil contaminated/oily surfaces, wet & damp as well as underwater applications.  This surface tolerant fast setting epoxy is predominately used as a metal rebuilding, patching, bonding and sealing applications where substrate contaminants cannot be avoided.  Allzite Metal Epoxy can also be applied in cold conditions. This solvent free, non-rusting, non shrink, fully machinable  formulation  is a sag-free formula thus can be applied vertically and overhead to 1/2″ inch thicknesses.    Exhibits tenacious bond to all metals and resistance to most MRO chemicals. Sectors: Industrial, Commercial & Marine.

BOILREX CERALOY   This one  component hybrid Pregzite & Ceramic formula exhibits tenacious bond to all carbon & stainless steel and offers protection up to 2200F.  An environmentally safe coating which boasts exceptional anti-corrosion, wear/erosion and slagging properties.  Applied in a convenient 2 color system, base coat and top coat for inspections to the boiler to determine wear and allow the customer to repair any damages to the coating before damage to the tube occurs.  BOILEREX maybe applied to thicknesses of 8-12 mils of first color and 8-12 mils of second color. (Red/White or Green White)


Other specialized epoxy systems: