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E.M.P. Inc, A Full Service Company – Industrial / Maintenance Products & Services


E.M.P. Inc. began a family operated specialty coatings business serving the New York and Metropolitan area back in the fall of 1983. Originally supplying several waterproofing, sealing and epoxy rebuilding products from United Kingdom, this husband and wife operated business continued to build on its early success, growing to a corporation supplying specialty maintenance, repair and renewal products all over the United States and some overseas countries. Still family owned and operated, E.M.P. has proved itself to be a leader in the specialty coatings & sealing arena for Industrial, commercial &, marine sectors.

Composite Polymer Products Division for: 

Tank Linings & Repairs Systems, Manhole/Vault Repair & Rehabilitation, Secondary Containment, Pump Rebuilding, Heat Exchanger Rebuilding , Epoxy Floor Coatings, Chemical Resistant Coatings, Active Leak Sealing (tanks, pipes, flanges), Active water leaks (Concrete foundations), Transformer Leaks Repairs, Duct & Conduit Sealing, Grouting & Chocking, Concrete Repairs and Rehabilitation, Specialty roofing systems, flexible rubber repairs. Various hybrid polymers are offered to combat Corrosion, cavitation and erosion in fluid flow control equipment. Please see Our line of products that we supply.

For 38 years since we began and until today, our family-owned business remains strong and committed to our customers. Today as second and third generation owners of our company, we remain proud to run our 38-year company that our founding father built with great patience, fortitude, unwavering focus and hard work.

Our Service Division – Epoxy Floor Coatings & Waterproofing

In 1990, our specialty hard to find products that we provided led E.M.P. Inc. to venture out into the service side to the world of coatings and waterproofing. Today, E.M.P. Inc has been a full-service company specializing in epoxy coatings/waterproofing and has set up a separate division to service this specialty area of work. Please see our Service Division.

With over three decades of experience in specialty coatings, our technical department experts have extensive knowledge in specifying the right products & solutions for your projects including but not limited to:

Need a high strength floor coating?
Call our experts at 516-624-9774 and we will dispatch a floor coating specialist to your site. We can provide a full turn-key system installed for you or assist you in doing it yourself by simply purchasing the quality systems from us.

Free Technical Advice
Our technical engineers have been trained extensively to help you pick the right product/system for your needs. Whether you have a project to complete or need to write project specs, our trained consultants are ready and willing to help you.

Our Pledge to You
Our motto is simple “Our Customers Come First”. Our success directly relies on your satisfaction. All our products and services are made of the highest quality raw materials and have gone through strict quality control measures thus providing you with the highest quality building and grounds maintenance systems. If you don’t see a product on our website, please give us a call at (516) 624-9774.

Chemical, Impact & Abrasion Resistant Epoxy Floor Staging Area Project / EMP Inc.