Cleaners & Degreasers

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DRY CLEAN 100 is a non-conductive, quick drying, non-corrosive, non-staining, rapid evaporating, safety solvent degreaser and electric motor cleaner. It has been designed efficiently to remove grease and oil from parts and equipment. Clean while equipment is operating. Dry Clean 100 has excellent dielectric strengths of up to 32KV. Use on generators and alternators, printing equipment, auto parts, hand and power tools, engines, motors, etc. excellent for all types of industrial applications. Available in 16 oz. aerosols, 1 and 5 gals.

CITRA CLEAN is a bio-degradable, quick penetrating, non-corrosive and non-standing citurs based degreaser. Citra Clean will remove tough grease, oils, dirt, grime, and tar with ease. This product contains no CFCs has a neutral PH and deodorizes while it cleans. For use on concrete, tables, glass, mirrors, masonry surfaces, tile, etc. Citra Clean is environmentally safe and can be used anywhere. This product is available in 15 oz. aerosols.

GREASE OFF is a specially formulated solvent degreaser used to remove grease and oil form engines, motors and machinery. Strong enough to clean tar and asphalt form painted surfaces without harming the paint. Grease Off has been specially designed with a slow evaporation quality, thus it allows longer working time, penetration and without the need to reapply. This form contains no chlorinated solvents and can be used on truck, auto, marine engines, machinery, power tools, compressors, metals, glass, rubbers and plastics.

EVAPAWAY CLEANER is an amazing “scrubless” formulated degreaser and cleaner. This non-flammable, non-staining, quick penetrating cleaner is formulated to penetrate and clean, removing moisture, oil, dust, grease, etc., and then evaporates quickly to leave a clean, residue-free surface. This product may be applied while equipment is in operation. Use with telex and telephone equipment, alarm systems, telephone switch gears, copiers, TV and VCR equipment, etc. available in 13 oz. aerosols.

BRAKE CLEANSER is the top of the line, fast acting, quick drying, non-corrosive, non-conductive, non-flammable, brake cleaner available. Excellent for cleaning all types of disc and drum brake components. This fast acting formula will quickly and safely dissolve brake fluid, grease, oil, grime and dirt. For use on all disk brake pads, drums and rotors. This product may also be used for clutch assemblies, alternators and generators. Brake Cleanser is available in 18 oz. aerosol spray cans.

BATTERY CLEANER (with sensor) is a state of the art, foaming cleanser that dissolves and neutralizes battery acid corrosion. This formulation has been uniquely designed to sensor acid and thus it turns RED, indicating the presence of acid and when neutralized, indicator turns YELLOW. Easy to use, just spray, wait for 2 mins and wipe off. Excellent for removing corrosion from battery terminals and casings. For use with all auto/truck/bus batteries. Available in 18 oz. aerosol and case of 6 quartz sprayer assembly.

SPOTLESS SHINE (Glass Cleaner) is a high quality, water based, streak-free glass and appliance cleaner. Excellent for dissolving oil and other residues. SpotLess Shine leaves a smooth, streak free, dust repellent, spotless coating. Once only commercially available, this product is currently being used by major U.S hotels, motels, various commercial and industrial institutions. Use on glass surfaces-windows, mirrors, windshields and TV Screens. Excellent for porcelain, formica, ceramic, tiles and plastics. SpotLess Shine is available in 18 oz. aerosol and 6 quart case with sprayer attachment.

UNIVERSAL KLEEN is another top quality, water based, foaming, quick penetrating cleaner. It is made with an advanced deep cleansing formula to remove lipstick, hard dirt, grease, grime, etc. this product can be used anywhere without harming the surface. Use on floors, walls, glass, tables, tile, porcelain, vinly tiles, painted surfaces, metals, etc.


ZIPPY CLEAN 1000 is an environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, USDA approved, non-toxic, water-soluble, non-flammable heavy duty concentrated detergent. Excellent for removing tough soils, grime, dirt, mud, soot and ground in dirt. Zippy Clean 1000 is phosphate free and is aluminum safe. Excellent for metal, wood, concrete, epoxy floors. Can be used on boats, cleaning equipment and machinery, walls, fiberglass vinly, terrazzo, marble, porcelain and linoleum floors. This versatile product can be used straight out of the container or diluted with water according to needs. Excellent for all types of industrial floor and wall applications. Zippy Clean is available in 5 gal. pails and 55 gal. drums.

ZIPPY CLEAN 2000 is a high strength, non-flammable, rust-inhibiting, acids and ammonia free, biodegradable, phosphate and caustic free, butyl and solvent free, water based heavy duty concentrate detergent/cleaner. Made with specialized synthetic carriers, Zippy Clean 2000 cleans by spontaneous emulsion, prevents redepositing of oily soils during cleaning and leaves a spot free, deodorized clean. Excellent for removing tough soils, grime, dirt, mud, soot and ground in dirt from hard surfaces. Use on all types of floors, – painted, epoxy, plain concrete, terrazzo, vinyl, tiles, rubber, linoleum, etc. used by large electrical plants, warehouses, facilities, garages, gas facilities, etc. available in 5 gal. and 55 gal. drums.

ZIPPY CLEAN-100 (Universal Detergent) is a concentrated, water based, moderately alkaline, non-toxic, non flammable, USDA approved, biodegradable, non abrasive concentrated cleaner/degreaser. Produces long lasting, deep cleaning suds. Deodorizes as it cleans. Use straight or diluted. Excellent for use on walls, floors, ducts, light fixtures, carpets, desks, wood work, appliances, auto (outside and inside), vinyl, tile, metals and washable surfaces.

DIGESTOR DEFOAMER effectively breaks down digestor foam and prevents grease and scum build up. Available in 5 gals.

ZIPPY CLEAN 102 (floor stripper) is a high strength, non-flammable, non-corrosive, quick penetrating, ammonia free, quick wetting, industrial floor stripper. Quickly removes polymer finishes, floor waxes, dirt and grime. Excellent for all water washable surfaces – painted and epoxy floors, asphalt, tile, terrazzo, marble, cement, etc.

ZIPPY CLEAN 103 (Auto/Truck Wash) is a specially formulated, easy to use, easy rinse, phosphate and solvent free, commercial vehicle cleaning detergent. 103 cleans off hard grime, dirt, grease, oil spots and road stains in a zippy! 103 is an all weather cleaner. Excellent for truck, taxi and limosine fleets. Use on boats, farm and construction equipment.

TENDER TOUCH is a neutral, soapless floor cleaner designed to clean wax floors without removing the wax protection, like many soap detergents do. Will remove the dirt but not the wax. Cleans while it deodorizes. 5 gallons.

GERMS ‘B’ GONE is a mild detergent combined with strong odor and germ killing agents. This product is specially designed for cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms and kitchens. Disinfect telephone receivers, microphones, transmitter caps, and many other surfaces exposed to dirt and germs. Treated surfaces last for 30 days or more. Available in 12 oz. aerosols and 5 gallon concentrated solution.

PH 7 CLEANER is an all purpose floor cleaner designed with a PH of 7(neutral). This high strength formula is excellent on dirt, oils and hard to remove grime. Excellent for areas requiring a high strength neutral detergent. Available in 5 gallons.

SILT ‘B’ GONE removes mud, silt and sludge form cooling towers and sewer lines eliminating backup problems. Flushes and defouls cooling towers. 5 gallons.

TANK TREAT excellent for fire departments where a protective coating is needed to insure against sludge and rust forming in tanks. Available in 5 gallons.