Specialty Roofing Systems

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EMP Inc. offers two of the worlds best roofing systems that have been time tested since 1986. We believe in do it once and forget it policy. ALUSTIK & ROOFALOX are two separate systems that have proved themselves in industrial, commercial and marine applications world-wide. Both are easy to apply and free technical on phone assistance is provided. EMP Inc. technicians will also come to the job site to supervise. Please contact our technical department.

ALUSTIK (ALUREP) (Aluminum Coated Roof Roll) is a heavy duty, high strength, self stick, aluminum coated weather and waterproofing roll. Comes with a 35 year warranty. This product was invented in 1986 and has maintained its fame due to its “super easy one-time application roofing product”. It will never dry out and crack like conventional roofing products and coatings. Puncture and tear resistant! It bonds to most surfaces, providing tough, durable, puncture proof, flexible water seal. Alustik provides an excellent water-catchment surface requiring no coating against sunlight exposure. The top aluminum foil reflects sun light heat, thus reduces heat inside building. Alustik is compromised of multiple layers of a high density, thick rubberized waterproofing compound with a top layer of aluminum foil. Easy to use, just peel and stick. This product may be cut into shape. Alustik produces a seamless roof covering. Can be used to waterproof entire industrial and commercial flat roofs, open porches, verandas, patching leaks, metal roofs (corrugated, etc.), mobile roofs, etc. seal coping joints, reline gutters, skylights, fans and inlets – Excellent for RVs! Hundreds of uses. May be applied over Asphalt/Bitumen, Cap Sheet, Fiberglass, Metal, EPDM, TPO/CPA, PVC & Sprayed Polyurethane roofs, Hypalon etc There is no need to rip out old roofs thus a smart alternative to re-roofing. Mold & Mildew resistant. Simply use ALUSTIK right over it. Available in 36” x 32 ft roll. Also available in 4”, 6”, 9”, 18”, 24″. 36″ rolls. (Aluminum and Gray)

ALUSTIK PRIMER is a high quality primer used in conjunction with ALUSTIK rolls. This is only used when the existing roof is not clean or in good condition. It bonds dirt, dust, corrosion and soil ready for the application of Alustik rolls. Primer coat dries in 24 hours and then ALUSTIK roofing rolls are applied with an overlap of 4 inches creating a perfect containment and leak proof roofing system. Alustik Primer is an exceptional primer for metals, concrete, brick, gypsum prior to installation of ALUSTIK system. (For EPDM roofs, please see ALUSTIK EPDM Primer)

ALUSTIK EPDM PRIMER is a primer designed for use with existing EPDM roofs when ALUSTIK needs to be applied over it. Two component. Easy to apply with a paint roller. Once dry, ALUSTIK can be applied directly over it after primer is dry. Forms a tenacious bond between ALUSTIK and existing EPDM roof.

ALUSTIK ROLLER is a specialty hand held metal roller used to press down ALUSTIK roofing rolls particularly on the overlap seams. This assures proper bond and sealing of layers creating a waterproof barrier between two rolls of ALUSTIK. Size is 2 or 4 inch. This accessory is recommended but optional depending on application.

ALUSTIK TRENCHX is a innovative trench refurbishment system use for complete repairs and installing a new trench inside an existing one. A complete containment system can be built in erroded and cracked trenches. Primer and Alustik sold in kits for ease of installation.

ROOFLOX – Known in the roofing industry as a “Roofing Roll in a Can”. This innovative product lasts for over 30 years plus and it’s as simple as spreading it out using a roller or squeegee. Rubber based product – dries to a soft, pliable, tear, puncture and crack resistant roof coating. Provides extreme adhesion to old or new roofs. Will withstand permanent ponding water. Superb waterproofing for flat industrial and commercial roofs. A unique seamless system, Rooflox forms a complete water seal containment. It can be applied to variety of roofing systems and membranes (EPDM, PVC, TPO/CPA, Sprayed Polyurethane, Bitumen/Asphalt Roofs, Cap Sheet, Fiberglass, Metal etc). Avoid costly replacements, simply use ROOFLOX over your existing roof. Specialty additive makes this product mold & mildew resistant. Standard stocked color is WHITE. Keeps building cooler. Custom colors are available on request. Kit comes ready to use with product, rollers, handles, gloves, mixer paddle etc. (ROOFLOX 200, ROOFLOX 201, ROOFLOX 202 are other formula variations for specialty uses)

ROOFOLOX PRIMER – Surface prep is important part of a long lasting water tight and permanent roofing project. This primer was designed to be used prior to the application of ROOFOLOX. This two component primer has special adhesion and tack properties which allows ROOFOLOX to be rolled over. Simply mix the two components, pour in a paint pan and using a short nap paint roller, apply a thin coat. Allow to dry and start application of ROOFOLOX. (Rooflox SC Primer, Rooflox CU Primer, Rooflox AR Primer are other formulations for specialty uses which are also available)

WATERLOX 646 is Preglox enforced flexible, UV resistant, 2 part system, surface tolerant paste grade water sealing product that is used as the first step in sealing all the seams, joints, bolts, nuts, cracks, holes. It can be applied from 1/6” to 1/2” thick and is an excellent product for vertical and horizontal applications. With built in corrosion inhibitors, Waterlox 646 can be used on damp surfaces. It will bond to metal, wood, concrete, asphalt, epoxy, Asphalt/Bitumen, Cap Sheet, Fiberglass, TPO/CPA, PVC & Sprayed Polyurethane roofs, Hypalon etc . It can be used as a standalone product or may be coated over with WATERLOX 601 for a seamless solution. Can be applied as low as 35F.

WATERLOX 601 is Pregzlox enforced flexible, UV resistant , 2 part system, surface tolerant high build seamless membrane used as a waterblock/waterseal containment system. With extreme bonding power, Waterlox 601 stays flexible indefinitely in extremely hot and or freezing conditions as it has the ability to flex with the substrate. It will bond to metal, wood, concrete, aged asphalt, aged EPDM, painted surfaces, epoxy as well as Asphalt/Bitumen, Cap Sheet, Fiberglass, TPO/CPA, PVC & Sprayed Polyurethane roofs, Hypalon etc . With corrosion inhibitors,  Waterlox 601 also has the ability to also keep buildings cooler in the summer. Can be applied as low as 35F.