Transformer Leak Repairs

Product Name: The Transformer Leak Repair Kit


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Product Description
Sealing Transformer Oil Leaks (Dielelectric fluid,nitrogen and SF6) has been a common problem in utilities worldwide. They occur due to various reasons namely, bad welds, cracked voltage bushings, valves, switches, corrosion, etc. In the past, maintenance personnel would have to take the leaking equipment out of service, drain the oil and replace old worn components like gasketing etc or replace entire components. The costs of such repairs and replacement was in the tens of thousands of dollars as well as the downtime.

The invention of the Transformer Repair Kit by EMP Inc. has changed this costly process. Now utilities worldwide are using our products to save time and labor by repairing transformer leaks using our high efficiency epoxy polymers to repair leaks permanently. The leaks can now be repaired without draining the system or depressurizing the vessels.

The Transformer Leak consists of 3 major products applied successively in the correct order. They are Oil Stop Plug, Oil Stop #2 Fast Cure & Oil Stop Final Coat.

Repair a leak in under 10 minutes

  • Versatile System
  • Transformer Leak Repair Kit Contains easy to use components!
  • Used worldwide as the “Go to” repair
  • Save thousands of $$$ on transformer shut down & costly repairs
  • Oil Stop Transformer Leak Repair is impervious to oil
  • Interior & Exterior Use
  • 3 Step System: Each perfectly designed with Leaking Transformers in mind


  • Power Plants/Nuclear & Utility Companies
  • Ship & Marine Industry
  • Oil & Gas Refineries
  • Hotels, Hospitals, Universities