Sealants & Gasketing

Need Help in choosing the right product? Free Technical Assistance at 516-624-9774 E.M.P JOINT SEALANT is a self-adhesive, easy to work, 100% PTFE joint sealant tape used for a variety of applications. It comes in a soft, pliable ribbon. Allows the maintenance personnel to make their own gaskets and replaces ready-cut gasket patterns. E.M.P Joint Sealant will operate under temperatures of –450F to 600F and can withstand pressures of up to 3200 psi. Use on concrete lids, container trapments, flanges, heat exchangers, FRP vessels, steam vessel flanges, etc. this product is available in rolls of sizes varying from 3/36” to 1” and respective diameters. E.M.P GASKET TAPE is a pressure sensitive, chemical and cold flow resistant, easy to use, 100% polytetrafluoroethylene based, gasket making material. Excellent for sealing smooth surface irregularities found on flanges. Use on equipment requiring a thin gasket profile, sheet stock for die-cutting, sight glasses and manhole cover, laminate over metal gaskets, etc. E.M.P VALVE STEM PACKER is a 100% pliable TFE fluorocarbon with excellent resistance to corrosion, vibration and operating temperature of –400 to 500F. its pliability allows this product to conform to worn value stems and stuffing boxes. This product has also been used as a leveler in many conditions. Withstanding pressures of up to 500 psi, this product can be used on all valve stems, as a packing on some small valves, low speed and pressure pumps. GASKET OFF is a powerful gasket remover available in 18 oz. aerosols. When sprayed, it quickly and efficiently dissolves gasket cements, baked-on gaskets, carbon deposits, dried oils and greases paint deposits, removes decals, and can be used on wood, metal, stone, glass, brick, plaster, concrete, tiles, etc. CURE FASTCLEANER/PRIMER is used to speed the cure of anaerobic sealants, activate non-metallic surfaces and clean application surfaces for proper adhesion. Use on plastic, glass, ceramic and metal. TUF TITE (FLANGE SEALANT) is a high quality paste and anaerobic compound used to form a tough gasket between metal parts. Tough Tite does not cure until metal parts or flanges are compressed. Hardens to a tough rubbery material and can withstand high pressure and temperatures of up to 350F. resistant to most industrial fluids, Tough Tile will not swell, dissolve or break when it comes in contact with chemicals. Another unique feature of Tough Tite is that it does not adhere to or stick flange faces together thus hardened compounds can easily be taken off for re-assembly. Excellent for use as a flange sealant on air compressors, gear boxes and access hole covers. TEF SEAL is a Teflon based, low strength, anaerobic sealant, excellent for forming instant seals on pipe joints and pneumatic fittings. Tef Seal has outstanding lubricating properties and can be used on all water, steam, fuel, chemical and air lines. Seal threaded fittings in all common piping. CHOKTITE HYDRAULIC/PNEUMATIC SEAL is a high strength, reliable but removable grade of anaerobic sealant. It has been formulated with synthetic fibers to perform as a high pressure seal on hydraulic/pheumatic lines, hydraulic valves and motors and filteration systems, up to 2” in diameter. Not to be used on PVC or CPVC plastics. This thixotropic formula stays in place even when applied to overhead and vertical surfaces. Choktites’ no odor formula cures faster when applied to stainless steel and plated fittings. CHOKTITE SEALANT FOR STAINLESS is a fast curing, Teflon base, anaerobic pipe sealant for high pressures for up to 10,000 psi and stainless steel pipe threads, fittings, plated and galvanized joints. THREAD TIGHT is an all purpose, economical, fast setting, heat and chemical resistant, anaerobic gel that locks and seals threaded joints. Locks nuts, bolts, screws and studs. 300F and 1000 psi. Can also seal pipe threads and flanges over 1000 psi.