Pavement Repair & Renewal

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BLACKTOP GUARD is a high quality, economical grade, asphalt based driveway sealer. Excellent for beautifying and protecting blacktop surfaces. Black Top Guard can also be used as a top coat after filling cracks and pot holes. Specially formulated with quality grade asphalt mineral carriers, this product preserves, seals and resaturates old and new blacktop surfaces. It resists salts, oil, sun, rain and gas drippings. It will also fill pores and hairline cracks up to 1/8 of an inch. Contains fine aggregate additives for anti-slip properties. 5 and 55 gallon drums.

GATOR SEAL is a special blend of asphalt emulsion, mineral fibers with plasticizers designed to be used where alligatoring is a problem on all types of asphalt surfaces. Just pour and apply with squeegee – no need to dig out damaged asphalt first. For use in 55F and above. Dries to jet black. Available in 5 gal pails.

SUPER PAVE is a premium pavement sealer with Gilsonite. It contains 50% solids and requires only one cost. This product can be applied in low temperatures of up to 40F and dries in 12 hours. Super Pave is oil based, thus it provides excellent protection from water, sunlight, snow, etc. lasts twice as long as regular pavement sealers. Dries jet black and is available in 5 gallons or 55 gallon drums.

JET SEAL (Super Seal) has been specifically designed to be used in airport runways. With super strength and excellent weather resistance, Jet Seal meets RP355e, MILC 15203C and F.A.A. P625. this product may be used in large industrial and commercial projects for coating large parking lots, parking decks, government institutions, electric and gas facilities. Available in 5 gal/55gal and in bulk.

BACKER ROD has been designed to be used with Crack Fill and Crack Patch, incase the cracks are deep. Save money on product usage by first filling deep holes with Backer Rod first. This product is available in assorted widths. 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, and 1”.

GRAND PRIX SEALER (Fast Track) is a unique asphalt sealer, fortified with mineral fillers and polymer additives to produce a pavement coating with excellent slip resistance and outstanding wearability. Fast Track is an environmentally safe, water based emulsion coating that is designed to greatly increase pavement service life by sealing out the damaging effects of oxidation and moisture penetration. This product has been designed to be tested for Gran Prix toughness and durability. 5 gallons and 55 gallons available.

COLOR SEAL is a unique, colorized asphalt emulsion pavement sealer, that is ideal for beautifying and protecting asphalt pavement surfaces. This product is available in red, green, gray and brown. Used in parking lots, driveways, amusement parks, playgrounds or any asphalt surface where color is required.

CRACK-FILL is an ideal asphalt based crack filler. Fill cracks from 1/8” to ½” wide in asphalt and concrete surfaces. Easy to use, just pour and let dry. May be sealed with a high quality asphalt sealer like Black Top Guard. One gallon jug.

CRACK PATCH is a heavyweight, trowel grade compound, fortified with aggregate and designed for filling blacktop cracks up to 2 inches. Use on asphalt and concrete surfaces. 5 gallon pail available.

POT HOLE PATCH (RRR) is a special blend of asphalt emulsion and aggregate designed to be used as an instant pot hole repair. May be used on wet or damp areas. Fill the pot hole with RRR, tamp damp areas. Shovel and it is ready for traffic immediately. Use to repair streets, floors, docks, sidewalks and walkways. Use on asphalt, concrete, metal and wood surfaces. Available in 5 gal pails.

ASPHALT TAPE Crack repair fabric. Use to repair large or small cracks in asphalt and concrete. Just cut to size and apply. Designed to last for years. Walk or drive on it immediately after installation. For cracks larger than 3/4”, use Backer Rod or use Crack Patch followed by Asphalt Tape for added protection. Roll size – 6” or 12” by 9’.