Lubricants & Penetrants

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E.M.P. UNIVERSAL LUBRICANT is an all purpose lubricant/penetrating oil. Protects parts from rust and corrosion, frees and lubricates frozen parts. This product can be sprayed in any position. For nuts, bolts, auto, truck, boat, engines, tools, etc. available in 12 oz. aerosol and gallons.

E.M.P. PENETRANT 1000 is a heavy duty, industrial strength fast acting penetrant. Quickly penetrates and frees rust, scale and corrosion from nuts, bolts, tools, valves, joints, connects, etc. available in 12 oz. aerosols.

E.M.P. CHAIN & CABLE is another top of the line, molybdenum disuifide composite heavy duty lubricant used for roller chains, hoist, conveyors, wire rope, chain, saws, etc. protect parts from moisture and corrosion. Excellent water displacement action. Available in 12 oz. aerosols.

E.M.P. LUBRA-GEAR is a specially formulated extreme pressure, all-weather, heavy duty adhering lubricant and a anit-rust/corrosion coating. Specifically for all types of gears. May also be used on chain drives, marine cables, winches, etc. available in 18 oz. aerosols.

E.M.P. MOLY SPRAY performs under pressures of up to 300,000 psi and temperatures from –300F to + 750F. it forms a thin dry film of molybdenum disulfide which is an excellent corrosion protection. Non-oily, non-sticky and will not cold flow, run or drip. For ovens, kilns, chain cam rollers, furnaces, thread lubricant and metal forming lubricant. 12 oz. aerosols.

E.M.P. AIR TOOL SPRAY is specially formulated to be used as a cleaner, lubricant and a general reconditioning coating for use in air operated power tools. Dissolves any clogging build up. Eliminates calcium build-up in air tools. For use with drills, saws, sanders, cutters, scrapers, etc. available in 12 oz. aerosols.

E.M.P. RELEASE AGENT is a non-oily, Teflon powdered lubricant, chemical resistant, fast drying, non-staining, non-freezing and heat resistant (up to 500F) dry lubricant and release agent. Excellent as a mold release. Use on gears, bearings, rollers, etc. available in 16 oz. aerosol spray cans.

E.M.P. CUTTING COOLANT is used to produce cleaner cuts and smoother finishes while lubricating and reducing friction. Designed as a coolant for drill bits, turret lathes, boring and milling, sawing and threading. Available in 20 oz. aerosols.

E.M.P. ANTI-SEIZE LUBE is an all purpose, high quality, greaseless lubricant. Excellent for cryogenic and refridgeration systems, coolers, gasket coatings, mold release, etc. operating temperature is –400F to +500F. available in 7 oz. aerosols.

E.M.P. LUBRICUT is the best cutting and tapping spray available. Its’ foaming action transforms into a heavy oil that resists staining, runoffs and breakdowns. Avoids tool breaking. For tapping, threading, sawing, cutting, boring, etc. 12 oz. aerosols.

SILLY LUBE 1000 is a silicone based, clear, odorless, release agent and lubricating compound. Excellent water and weather barrier. It protects form rust and weather barrier. It protects form rust and corrosion. Operating temperatures from –40F to +400. excellent for refridgeration systems, rails, locks, electronics, hinges, mold and casting applications, etc. 12 oz. aerosols.

SILLY LUBE (Food Grade) is a tasteless, odor less, non-staining universal lubricant that may be used where food contact may occur. Excellent for restaurants, kitchens, molds, dies, chutes, slides, schools, etc. silly Lube is available in 12 oz. aerosols.