High Performance Lubricants

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COPPER LUBE this formula has a high concentration of copper flakes in conjunction with special synthetic carriers and inhibitors for protecting nuts, slides, lugs, grounding clamps, keys ad keyways, pins, lamp sockets, pipe couplings, steam injection fittings, gaskets, flanges and bolts up to 1800F. Copper Lube protects, lubricates and fights corrosion and at the same time, enhances electrical conductivity. For use with all aluminum and soft metals.

NICKEL LUBE provides excellent chemical resistance and is copper free. This unique formulation makes a high quality, anti-seize lubricant, designed especially for maximum resistance, high corrosion and temperatures of up to 2400F. Nickel Lube is composed of pure colloidal nickel and graphite flakes in a superior suspension, with advanced synthetic petroleum carriers. This product is recommended for chemical, waste water and sewage plants and equipment that requires an inert lubricant.

GRAFCOP LUBE is a copper and graphite compound, designed to lubricate and protect thread connections and flanges at temperatures up to 1800F. It will withstand extreme low pressure resistance. Grafcop Lube is water resistant and prevents seizing and gauling. Excellent corrosion and rust protection.

LUBRITEC 2000 is a top quality, high pressure, aluminum, copper and graphite based, anti-seize lubricant. Lubritec 2000 will protect all equipment up to 200F. Used on all nuts and bolts, dies, chamrollers, motors, gears, shafts, valves, etc.

NON-METALLIC LUBE is a heavy duty, non-metallic anti-seize lubricant. This unique formula contains a special blend of extreme pressure, water resistant, rust and corrosion protective inhibitors. Highly acclaimed in refineries, petro-chemical plants, steel mills, electric power plants, gas plants, etc. For applications on all nuts and bolts, drills, gaskets, joints, sleeves, shafts, unions, keyways and slow moving dies.

MOLY-LUBE (Q-FREE) is an extra tough, heavy duty, anti-seize lubricant, based upon an advanced formulation consisting of graphite and molybdenum disulfide in an anti-corrosion, anti-rust and water resistant carrier. Commonly used in oil refineris, electric powers/gas plants and manufacturing facilities. Moly-Lube prevents seizing, galling and insures minimum torque requirements and lubricates under pressure of up to an amazing 300,000psi. excellent lubricant where copper contamination must be avoided. Use on nuts, bolts, manifolds, connections, molding machines and casting equipments, presses and dies, heat exchangers and slow moving bearings.

ALUMNA LUBE is the top of the line, aluminum and graphite based, anti-seize lubricant. It contains no lead or copper. This product depolymerized and dissipates at temperatures of 400F, without leaving any carbon residue, depositing a dry film of aluminum and graphite, to plate and protect temperatures up to 1800F. Use on bolts, ovens, keyways, keys, unions, values, heat trolleys, kilns and any high temperature moving parts or equipments.

TEF LUBE (FOOD GRADE) this Teflon based, non-toxic, lubricant has been developed as a food grade anti-seize lube and can be used in beverage factories, meat and poultry plants candy factories, dairies, etc., incase accidental contact can occur. It can withstand temperatures of up to 475F and has excellent anti-wear properties. Use on all bolts, nuts, bearings, pulleys, gears, motors, food dicers or slicers and any moving food processing equipment. Rated #1 in the English Industrial Magazine.



GEAR PRO 300 is a high quality, super adhesive, open gear lubricant. It does not contain any fillers such as textile fibers or asphalt and does not melt. It provides a superior lubricating cushion for precision equipment, resisting “filing-off”, drop or run at high speeds. Gear Pro 300 is self-carrying so it can be quickly applied to one gear tooth and carry itself through the entire gear train. For use on all types of entire gear train. For use on all types of gears, slides, chain drives, winches, etc. Available in cartridge, 1 and 6 gallon pails.

GEAR PRO 400 is a heavy duty, super formula, self carrying, filler free, non-melting open gear lubricant. This formula protects at high loads and severe conditions of contamination exposure. Made with the finest Molybdenum Disulfide carriers, Gear Pro 400 provides maximum anti-wear protection. Specially suited for industrial manufacturing facilities. This product provides protection up to 175,000 psi of protection. Totally water and weatherproof. Pro 400 will not melt in summer heat and won’t turn brittle in wintery conditions. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gal. pails.

GEAR PRO 500 is another top of the line heavy duty, self carrying, seal-healing, filler free, non melting open gear lubricant with qualities of Gear Pro 400. This has been formulated for low temperature applications. This product duplicates the advantages and benefits of Pro 400 except that it is formulated with a quick evaporating carrier. When applied, it is soft and pliable but after it is exposed to air, the carrier evaporates leaving tough super lubricated film like Gear Pro 400. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gallon pails.

GEAR PRO 600 is similar to Gear Pro 400 and 500 but contains a higher amount of solvent carriers, making this product porable and pumpable in hard to reach areas. Applied by hand or automatic systems. When first exposed to air, it cures to a semi-solid consistency, leaving a tenacious, long lasting film of protection to all types of gear applications. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gallon pails.

KENSEAL KS3033 – Our Vacuum Sealant has excellent sealing ability for metal interfaces of vacuum components with resistance to water, oil, alcohol, and mild acid. This thermal-plastic will be unaffected by temperatures up to 350ºF/ The cured film has a vapor pressure less than .00001 torr. Flash Point 50F.


MULTI PRO 100 is a smooth, buttery, amber colored, multi-purpose plant lubricant Made form synthesized hydrocarbons with special inorganic thickeners, Multi Pro 100 operates from 0 to 325F, 125,000 psi resistant, non-melting and has a low-coefficient of friction, thus reducing the cost of energy. This formula has been tested to outlast most other greases and does all general maintenance jobs better. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gal. pails.

MULTI PRO 200 is a variation of Multi Pro 100, formulated with Molybdenum Sulfide carriers. This product is designed for heavy duty applications. Especially used in environments that have high temperatures or heavy pounding and high temperatures or heavy pounding and high vibration operating equipment. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gal. pails.

MULTI PRO 300 is an identical variation of Multi Pro 100 but is white in color for use where clean appearance is needed. Recommended for paper processing plants, textiles, food and beverage industries. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gal. pails.

MULTI PRO PP Special conditions may require softer bodied greases than the standard MULTI PRO series. These conditions include high speed bearings, cold temperature environments, centralized and automatic lubricating systems. Multi Pro PP can be used in general purpose applications with a lever type grease gun and is also pumpable through centralized systems designed for grade #1 greases even in cold weather. This product can be used at bearing speeds of up to 5000 rpm.

MULTI PRO 100 is a softer variation of Multi Pro 100 and has been specially formulated to be used with systems designed for NLGI #0 and #00 greases. Excellent for spindles up to 12,000 rpm and high speed precision breakings. Cartridges, 1 and 6 gal pails.


FREEZETEC 100 is a specially formulated grease where sub-freezing temperatures, may be encountered. This product is a free flowing and anti-corrosion lubricant. This smooth textured grease is excellent for all precision equipment and anti-friction bearings operating at extremely low temperatures. Recommended operating range form –65 to +250F. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gal pails.

FREEZETEC 200 is a Molybdenum Disulfide based lubricant specially designed for heavy duty sub-freezing applications. Used with heavy load, high pressure or high vibration equipment. Operating temperature range is –40 to + 350F. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gal pails.


FREEZOL 300 is an exceptionally low temperature oil that outlasts and outperforms all other oils in the market. FREEZOL 300 will stiffen, freeze, jell up or break down during sub freezing conditions. Excellent for all types of general lube oil applications on shafts, chain, unions, keyways, slides, etc. excellent as a rust and corrosion protective film. This friction fighting formula can operate up to –75 F. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gal. pails.

FREEZOL 400 (Gear Oil) is a specialized, high strength, rust and corrosion protective gear oil. Excellent for proper operation of gear boxes in sub-freezing temperatures. Freezol 400 has been formulated with excellent anti-wear and high pressure operational properties. For use as long term protection for all types of reducers and differentials that normally use SAE 90. Operational temperature as low as –60F.

FREEZOL HF (hydraulic fluid) is the state of the art hydraulic fluid for use in sub-freezing temperature. High viscosity provides easy flow. Use on pumps, cylinders and working parts. Formulated with anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties. Low temps of –60F possible. 1 and 6 gal.


HEATOL 400 is a molybdenum disulfide based, mid-range, high temperature lubricating oil. Specially designed for chains, slides and bearings. Heatol 400 has excellent anti-rust and corrosion protective properties with an operational temperature of up to 400F. Available in 1 and 6 gal.

HEATOL 401 is identical to Heatol 400 but without Molybdeum Disulfide. Use for all applications like 400 but where Molybdeum Disulfide is objectionable because of staining risk. Also available with a non drip additive as HEATOL 401ND Available in 1 and 6 gal.

HEATOL 600 is a clear, non-carbonizing, non-residue producing, synthetic high temperature oil. Good up to 600F. Use on chains, slides and bearings, etc. this amazing formula cleans while it lubricates and will dissolve pre-existing residue on parts. Identical formulation is available in lighter viscosity as in HEATOL 600 LV and heavy ciscosity as in HEATOL 600HV. These 3 products are also available in a non-drip additive formula as in HEATOL 600ND, HEATOL 600 LVND, HEATOL 600 HVND. Available in 1 and 6 gal.

HEATOL 601 is a viscous, synthetic high temperature fluid of honey-like consistency for use on chains, track and sliding mechanisms operating at temperature extremes of 600F. Fully formulated for anti-wear, rust & oxidation protection and corrosion resistance. No solid additives. Extremely slow evaporation rate for long term service. Available in 1 and 6 gal.

HEATOL 700 is a non viscous, non-sticky, synthetic fluid containing Molybdeum Disulfide carrier for excellent anti-wear, anti-corrosion and heat resistance of up to 700F. Excellent as a chain lubricant, this product will not attract dust.

HEATOL GEAR LUBE has been specially formulated as a gearbox lubricant. This green color lube will maintain nearly constant viscosity, well beyond accepted limits for proper hydrodynamic lubrication, up to 400F. At high temperatures, Gear Lube turns into a liquid, approximating the viscosity that of SAE 90 oil. This product is also available in a heavy duty formula as in HEATOL GEAR LUBE HD. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gallon pails.

HEATOL 7000 is a copper, MoS2 and graphite based high temperature self lubricating oil. Heatol 7000 evaporates quickly and is intended to be used as a dry lubricant that does not flake, drip or smoke. Excellent for use with chain and track as in oven conveyors, processing up to 700F +. It may also be used for other high temperature applications. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gallon pails.


WATEROL 100 is a state of the art, green colored, rust and corrosion, water, salt water, hot water and steam resistant lubricant. For use on all types of anti-friction bearings. Specially formulated to soften at high temperatures around 500F not separating itself, and will restore itself to its original constitution in temperature cool down. WATEROL is pumpable even at low temperatures of –15F. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gallon pails.

WATEROL 101 is a high quality, Molybdeum bases, water resistant lubricant with similar properties to Waterol 100. For use in both industrial and automotive applications. Waterol 101 is known for its excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion properties. For use with high vibratory and shock loads. Extra resistant to salts, acids and alkalies. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gallon pails.

WATEROL 800 is a highly adhesive, tough water resistant lubricant, specifically designed to withstand “wash-outs” by forced fluids under pressure, such as hose streams. This product is Molybdeum free thus it is non-staining. It is used where a clean appearance is desired such as in paper, textile factories, etc. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gallon pails.

WATEROL 800 MO is used as an optimum protection, super water resistant lubricant. This Molybdeum based lubricant is used for severe water conditions. Highly adhesive in nature, it is resistant to high pressure “wash-out”. Sea water, salt spray and wastewater resistant. Highly effective as an anti-wear. 800 MO can be applied underwater. For use in water treatment facilities, marine, industrial, electrical and gas plants. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gallon pails.

WATEROL 100/SO is a soft bodied version of Waterol 100. Used for centralized lube systems calling for NLGI #0 or #00 lubricant. Recommended for manual lubrication down to –40F. Use on all high speed bearings up 10,000 rpm. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gallon pails.

WATEROL 101/SO is a soft bodied version of Waterol 101. Easier to pump. Used where specs call for a NLGI #1 lubricant. Recommended where Molybdeum is desired for exceptional anti-wear. For use from –40F to 500F +. Use on all anti-friction bearings up to 8,000 rpm. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gallon pails.

WATEROL 800/SO is a softer bodied version of Waterol 800. This tacky grease retains the tenacity and resistance to forceful washout that characterizes 800. Recommended for temperatures from –10F to 500F + on high speed bearings, 1 and 6 gallon pails.


BURNOL 400 is a silicon free lubricant, designed for use on all types of bearings operating at temperatures of up to 400F and speeds of 2300 rpm. Excellent as an all purpose high temp lubricant. Burnol 400 has been formulated with synthetic thickeners to provide a controlled bleed at high temperatures. This bleed has been designed as a safety feature that allows for expansion and relieves pressure against the seals. This product assures free flow through feed lines located in heat zones. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gal. pails.

BURNOL 425ND has been specially designed as a tough, non-drip lubricant for operating temperatures of up to 425F. This non-melting lubricant provides excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion protection and can be used on high loads, low speed bearings. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gal. pails.

BURNOL 600 is a high temperature, non carbonizing, non-melting, state of the art lubricant. Recommended for use on high speed bearings only (up to 10,000 rpm) with operating temperatures between 500F to 600F. Highly effective with high speed spindles. Burnol 700 is not recommended for slow speed bearings. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gal. pails.

BURNOL 700 is a heavy duty, non-melting, non carbonizing, Molybdeum based high temperature lubricant. This product has been specially formulated for use in low speed bearings with high temperatures of up to 700 degrees. Excellent for high loads with high pressure applications. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gal. pails.

BURNOL 1258 is a Molybdeum based, anti-wear, very high temperature lubricant. This product will subliminate cleanly in the 600F to 700F range. Burnol 1258 has a minimum melting point of 1258F for extreme pressure protection at extreme temperatures. Available in cartridges, 1 and 6 gal. pails.


NOTOX 100 has been specially formulated as a non-melting grease for use where accidental food contact might occur. This clear, colorless, odorless and tastefree lubricant can be used for plain and anti-friction bearings. Hundreds of applications. Operational temperature range is from 10F to 325F.

NOTOX 200 is a clear, colorless, tasteless and odorless water resistant lubricant, designed for use in wet conditions. May be pumped for use…central lube systems. Operational temperatures range up to 325F. Available in NLGI grade #1 or #2 as in NOTOX 200/NL1 and NOTOX 200/NL2.


NOTOXOIL LV is a light viscosity oil, designed as an anti-wear protection with superior adhesion to metal parts and excellent rust and corrosion preventive properties. May be used as a general purpose oil lube on pumps, bearings, shafts, cams, slides, etc. Notoxoil is also available in medium viscosity and heavy viscosity as in NOTOXOIL MV and NOTOXOIL HV respectively. Available in 1 and 6 gal.


SOLCAROL is a high strength, solvent resistant lubricant formulated with anti-rust, oxidation inhibitors and anti-wear protection. For all types of bearings, non-melting. Available in cartridge, 1 & 6 gal.

LECTORL is an electric conductive grease, for use in automatic welding lines or large scissor switches where electrical currents must pass. Molybdenum based gives excellent wear protection. 3uA@1.5V conductivity. Cartridge, 1 & 6 gallon pails.