Floor Repair & Renewal

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CONCRETE FILLER a state of the art, three component epoxy for flooring, as well as repairing localized damage in concrete and bituminous floors. Repair cracked corners, worn edges, scored surfaces, gouged gangways and step edges. Fill in cracks, holes and pits in concrete, asphalt, wood and metal.

MAKE-A-FLOOR is a unique invention designed to resurface and level uneven or spalled concrete floors. When mixed with water, it transforms into a self-leveling mixture. Easy to use-just mix, pour and spread. No trowelling, sanding or grinding required. Can be applied one inch to feather edge. Excellent for garages, basements and industrial plants.

30 SECOND WATERSEAL is a special blend of cement powders designed to set in 30 seconds under job-site conditions, producing instantaneous accelerating strength needed to stop hydro water flow. Stop running water or seepage through cracks in concrete, sewer pipes, manholes, tanks, elevator pits and all concrete surfaces under hydrostatic water pressure. Freeze/thaw resistant.

QUICK ANCHOR is a Polymer based, fast setting anchoring cement, that sets and expands rapidly, curing twice as strong as concrete in one hour. Designed to set within 15 minutes even in sub-freezing temperatures. Anchor form ties, bolts and dowels. Grout parking meters, traffic signals, signs and pole fences.

DIVERS GROUT is specially formulated for use in underwater grouting or anchoring applications. Its’ primary uses are underwater grouting, pier supports, off-shore rigging, bridge and tunnel supports and all underwater concrete structures.

HIGHFLOW ANCHOR designed for use where high tolerance, high strength and high fluidity are required. Heavy duty grouting for machinery and equipment, bearing plates, bridge seats, crane rails, structural columns and anchorages.

FERRO-GROUT specifically designed for use where high tolerance, high strength and high fluidity are required. Ferro-grout is formulated with metallic additives. Identical grouting material as Highflow Anchor but with metallic additives.

EPOXY TIGHT 2000 (EPOXY GROUT) has been specially formulated to provide maximum strength for grouting machines and equipment bases. Epoxy Tight 2000 has a blend of additives which combat chemical corrosion. Flexible enough to withstand flexural movement in machines and equipment. Excellent for pumps, compressors and fans (SD& FD). Deep fill machine bases, grout crane rails, anchor large bolts and keyways.

EPOXY TIGHT 7000 (EPOXY GROUT) is a state of the art Epoxy Grouting compound. Low shrinkage and excellent flow. High solid content provides a tough, durable and chemical resistant grouting. Mainly used in Turbines, compressors or stamping machines. Also used for Industrial applications requiring the highest strength and maximum bonding to foundation.

FLEX SEAL is a liquid latex based product that is used as a crack filler/sealer. This product cures to a rubber like composition which allows for expansion and contraction in small cracks. Excellent for residential and commercial applications, parking garages and parking areas, interior and exterior. Can be applied on vertical or horizontal surfaces.

JOINT BOND is a two component epoxy system used for filling control and construction joints in industrial concrete floors. This product supports the joint edges and thus prevents spalling due to wheel traffic or abrasion. Interior use.

JOINT FILLER 100 is a 2 component urethane sealant for sealing and protecting concrete joints – Interior or Exterior.

JOINT FILLER 300 a 2 component urethane joint sealant resistant to jet fuel. Used on roadways, airport runways, taxi ways and parking garages. Exterior or Interior

POLY STIK is a one component, polyvinyl, acetate based resin for permanently bonding stucco, plaster and concrete to damp or dry concrete and masonry surfaces. The bonding strength exceeds 500 psi and has a temperature usage of –35F to 280F with no bonding agent in the repair of ceiling and wall structures and may be used to bond new concrete to existing concrete. Interior and exterior dry applications. This product is not intended for use where the existing concrete is subjected to constant wet conditions.

FERRO PATCH is a specially formulated, three component epoxy used where high strength and high impact resistance is needed. The Ferro Patch kit consists of iron and carbide powder. Used for floor joint repairs, floor overlayments, floor areas subjected to cutting from steel flanges, warehouses, forklift areas, patching metal floors, etc.

TROWEL GUARD is a trowel applied, two part mortar system, designed to repair and resurface all types of concrete and tile floors. Trowel Guard is a chemical and an abrasive resistance epoxy mortar. A top coat E.M.P. Chemithane Epoxy applied over Trowel Guard can give superior chemical resistance up to 98% sulfuric acid. Excellent for docks, ramps, walkways, breezeways, industrial plants, warehouses, machine shops, battery rooms, acid motes, etc.

FREEZE PATCH 100 is a three component, epoxy based repair system used for overlayments and all general repairs to concrete surfaces in a low temperature environment from 26F to 40F. excellent for use in cold storage facilities, freezer room floors, cold weather concrete renewal and repairs. Five colors available

FREEZE PATCH 200 is an identical product to Freeze Patch 100 but it can be used in operating temperatures of 0F to 25F.

POINTERS PATCH is a cementitious based, non-metallic, waterproof, non-staining, pointing mortar patch. It’s packed in dry powder form, for repointing joints and all types of masonry, brick, stone, tile, terracotta and limestone. Pointers Patch is a no-shrink, high strength mortar. Easy to use, just add water.

ROAD PATCH 2000 is a highly effective concrete patch, that sets strong enough to support normal traffic in less than an hour. This minimizes traffic congestion. Road Patch 2000 expands as it sets. This expansions allows for a tight waterproof seal. Repair damaged areas on highways, roads and bridges. Repair parking lots and all concrete surfaces. Just add water, mix and apply.

ROAD FREEZE PATCH (RFP) is a rapid setting, cementitious patching mortar for patching, repairing, renewal of concrete and masonry surfaces. RFP is freeze/thaw resistant, thus it can be used in freezing conditions. Simply add water, mix and apply. Repair damaged areas on highways, roads, bridge decks, ramps, floors, etc.

HI-PRO PATCH 100 is a polymer and a microsilica modified, one component, high strength concrete repair compound. Primarily suited for partial and full debth applications on horizontal and ramp surfaces as well as formed vertical surfaces. Hi-Pro Patch has high compressive, flexural and tensile strengths for long lasting repairs. Excellent freeze/thaw cycle and sulfate abrasion resistant. Excellent for parking decks, bridge structures, pier and dock supports, dams, sewage plants, etc.

DURACRETE 7000 is a two component, polymer modified cementitious mortar. Duracrete 7000 can be laid in thicknesses ½” to 2”. Excellent freeze/thaw cycle. Repair holes, cracks, gouges and spalls in concrete, parking decks, docks, curbs and gutters, pavements, floors, ramps, etc.

DURACRETE 2000 is identical to Duracrete 7000 but can only be laid in thicknesses of 1/6” to 1/2”.