Anti-Seize Lubricants

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COPPER LUBE this formula has a high concentration of copper flakes in conjunction with special synthetic carriers and inhibitors for protecting nuts, slides, lugs, grounding clamps, keys ad keyways, pins, lamp sockets, pipe couplings, steam injection fittings, gaskets, flanges and bolts up to 1800F. Copper Lube protects, lubricates and fights corrosion and at the same time, enhances electrical conductivity. For use with all aluminum and soft metals.

NICKEL LUBE provides excellent chemical resistance and is copper free. This unique formulation makes a high quality, anti-seize lubricant, designed especially for maximum resistance, high corrosion and temperatures of up to 2400F. Nickel Lube is composed of pure colloidal nickel and graphite flakes in a superior suspension, with advanced synthetic petroleum carriers. This product is recommended for chemical, waste water and sewage plants and equipment that requires an inert lubricant.

GRAFCOP LUBE is a copper and graphite compound, designed to lubricate and protect thread connections and flanges at temperatures up to 1800F. It will withstand extreme low pressure resistance. Grafcop Lube is water resistant and prevents seizing and gauling. Excellent corrosion and rust protection.

LUBRITEC 2000 is a top quality, high pressure, aluminum, copper and graphite based, anti-seize lubricant. Lubritec 2000 will protect all equipment up to 200F. Used on all nuts and bolts, dies, chamrollers, motors, gears, shafts, valves, etc.

NON-METALLIC LUBE is a heavy duty, non-metallic anti-seize lubricant. This unique formula contains a special blend of extreme pressure, water resistant, rust and corrosion protective inhibitors. Highly acclaimed in refineries, petro-chemical plants, steel mills, electric power plants, gas plants, etc. For applications on all nuts and bolts, drills, gaskets, joints, sleeves, shafts, unions, keyways and slow moving dies.

MOLY-LUBE (Q-FREE) is an extra tough, heavy duty, anti-seize lubricant, based upon an advanced formulation consisting of graphite and molybdenum disulfide in an anti-corrosion, anti-rust and water resistant carrier. Commonly used in oil refineries, electric powers/gas plants and manufacturing facilities. Moly-Lube prevents seizing, galling and insures minimum torque requirements and lubricates under pressure of up to an amazing 300,000psi. excellent lubricant where copper contamination must be avoided. Use on nuts, bolts, manifolds, connections, molding machines and casting equipments, presses and dies, heat exchangers and slow moving bearings.

ALUMNA LUBE is the top of the line, aluminum and graphite based, anti-seize lubricant. It contains no lead or copper. This product depolymerized and dissipates at temperatures of 400F, without leaving any carbon residue, depositing a dry film of aluminum and graphite, to plate and protect temperatures up to 1800F. Use on bolts, ovens, keyways, keys, unions, values, heat trolleys, kilns and any high temperature moving parts or equipments.

TEF LUBE (FOOD GRADE) this Teflon based, non-toxic, lubricant has been developed as a food grade anti-seize lube and can be used in beverage factories, meat and poultry plants candy factories, dairies, etc., incase accidental contact can occur. It can withstand temperatures of up to 475F and has excellent anti-wear properties. Use on all bolts, nuts, bearings, pulleys, gears, motors, food dicers or slicers and any moving food processing equipment. Rated #1 in the English Industrial Magazine.